Lisa Heller

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She is a 21-year-old pop singer/songwriter with the recent single, Hope. The Music Video for Hope ( went viral (over 1.6 million views) and trended to #1 on YouTube in 5 countries including Canada, Australia, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark. Hope has been featured on United Airlines music playlists worldwide for four months. She has received inspirational stories from children all over the world who have used this song to get through hard times. Her music career began while singing to overcome a condition called Vocal Chord Dysfunction that surfaced during stress-induced high school athletic events. She would pass out as she crossed the track finish line, but a doctor recommended singing to relax her vocal chords and help her finish the races (further explained here: In conjunction with the release of the single Hope, she created a virtual Hope Wall ( & designed to nurture hope by sharing true stories of perseverance and triumph. One of her teenage fans explained that she listened to Lisa’s song while comforting her dying sister.